MyMala is a handy companion that facilitates and tracks your everyday meditation practice wherever you are. You can use it to count the number of mantras, prostrations or other practices and monitor your progress over time. Here you can meet like-minded friends and inspire each other to new achievements. MyMala is optimized for most modern deviсes so you can use it on your desktop at home and switch to a tablet or phone when at the meditation center or outdoor. MyMala project was created by practicing Buddhists in order to make practice easy and more interactive.

Practice tracking

Built-in mediation counter behaves like real mala, though you would touch a screen of your phone or tablet instead of moving the beads. MyMala could be used either as real mala or as an addition to it. You could count each mantra or prostration or the number of full malas you have completed. The total repetitions number as well as session results are automatically saved so you would not lose your performance data. Set the goal and go for it. MyMala will show how close you are to it.

Friends on the way

At MyMala you can share your practice progress with you friends and inspire them to new achievements. If you are new to practice, you can get brief meditation descriptions or follow activities of your experienced friends.

Always with you

The app is perfect for either desktop and notebook or tablet and phone. Just log in to the website and track your and your friends practice on any device wherever you are!

Dear friends, you are welcome to track your practice, communicate and share your achievements, but don't forget that practice quality is the goal but not quantity!